Rainbow Phonics is based on scientific research into the science of reading.  It has been developed in accordance with decades of reading research and peer reviewed studies into the most effective ways for teaching reading.  Rainbow Phonics is an explicit and systematic program for teaching reading and spelling.  It comes from pioneering work in the development of a scope and sequence and decodable books to support this progression, which started some 20 years ago before it became mainstream.

Rainbow Phonics is also based on scientific evidence.  We have worked with pilot schools and test schools to refine the program and training so that it can be most effective for students.  We have assessed the performance of students and seen outstanding results in reading, decoding, phonemic awareness, and spelling schools.  Importantly, we have also analyzed the performance of dyslexic students and observed what we believe to be a rewiring of their brains as they develop their reading skills and fluency.

Taught by

Jessica Farmer

Jessica is an elementary teacher and influencer in the Science of Reading.  With a bachelor's degree from Florida International University, Jessica’s journey into the science of reading began in 2020, spurred by the onset of the pandemic.  Dedicated to advancing the field of reading instruction, Jessica has expanded her knowledge through specialized training. In 2021 and 2022, she successfully completed LETRS for Early Childhood and Comprehensive IMSE Orton-Gillingham. Her unwavering passion lies in making reading instruction accessible and effective for every learner. With a commitment to reaching and empowering all readers, Jessica continues to be a trusted source of guidance and support in the science of reading community.

Backed by

Duncan Milne

Duncan is a neuro-educator and pioneer in the Science of Reading.  With a Ph.D. in cognitive neuroscience, Duncan has published numerous resources, books, and journal articles in the field.  Duncan is passionate about the teaching of reading and helping all children achieve their best.  He was the keynote opening speaker for the World Dyslexia Forum in Paris at UNESCO.  Duncan also served as an honorary board member of Dyslexia International and as their Director of Tools for Learning.
Rainbow Phonics works because it is grounded in the Science of Reading.  Rainbow Phonics follows a clear scope and sequence, both for introducing letter patterns, and also for introducing heart words (or tricky words).  Whole class teaching introduces new letter patterns and consolidates learning with teacher-led activities.  Newly developing decoding skills are then applied into read contextual reading with decodable text.  Together, the Rainbow Phonics method builds phonemic awareness, grapheme-to-phoneme knowledge and lexical access, with the ultimate goal of developing fluent and independent readers.  
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